Flight Day 2 : my zero-g baptism

I will always remember the June 5, 2013 as a very special day. The day of my first weightlessness experience (and God I hope not the last).

8:00 am : After a short and restless night (doubtless due to pre-flight excitement and nervosity), Phil, my flightmate, and me put on the "flight suit" and repeat mentally a last time the flight procedures. These flights suits are juste awesome, it feels to be like an astronaut inside it !


10:00 am : first parabola approach ! After a 20 seconds phase in hypergravity, we can hear the pilot voice saying (with a huge french accent) : "thirty... forty... Injection !!!" The plane halts its engines and go through a freefall. Suddenly, I don't feel my limbs anymore, as if I am floating in the air. Looking around me, I realize that I'm actually floating, like all the experimenters inside the plane. Despite the noise of the plane and the cries coming from everywhere around, you feel really calm and peacefull in zero-g. Such an amazing sensation !


I'm not as skilful as Nico in zero-g, but it's a start.

2 hours later, the 31nd parabola is already over. I did not see the time passing. I can't already wait for the next campaign. Alltogether, 261 bubbles have been generated, filmed and saved in micro, normal and hypergravity. We managed to gather all the data we planed to measure. Mission accomplished !


One thing is sure, I will never forget that day, the weightlessness feeling, the atmosphere inside the plane, and all this adventure in Bordeaux. Thank you Flash&Splash team, all of you are amazing. This experience would never have been the same without you !

Christophe, the new Flasher.

Last Updated (Thursday, 06 June 2013 20:52)

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