Flight Day One: 179 bubbles, no black hole

The first flight day of a campaign is always full of tension and mystery in the air. The reason? Before runing your experiment in zero-g, you don't know whether thinks will really work out or not (if you have a way to do it, please write to us;o)!

No exception this year. You can already feel it when entering the facilities of NOVESPACE. Everybody is rushing and some 30 people in blue astronauts suits are getting ready, taking medical injections of Scopolamine (a powerful antispasmodic to prevent motion sickness), perhaps thinking...what am i doing? Why am i not in my bed right now?

Relax: "Fear is dead" as they say at NOVESPACE in french-english...


Today our three flyers were Mohamed (behind the camera), Nico and Phil (climbing the stairs).


The mistery? We have a complete new computer program to run the experiment automatically...and no real security that the experiment would indeed run as expected in zero-g...

The first parabola is coming. The plane climbs and we (our stomaches as well) are squashed by the centrifugal acceleration ( about 1.8 times the normal gravity level) towards our feet. The plane pulls up its nose at 30°...40°...and INJECTION! Engines are off. Our bodies and stomaches are suddenly lifted in the air and remain there free-floating.

We can see a green flash lamp on the computer screen, meaning: the experiment is running automatically, perfectly started by the signal registered by our accelerometer (measuring the gravity level)!! Big relief. Time to have a bit of acrobatic fun as now;O)

At the end of the day, although we did not create any black hole (as Danail joked in the presentation conference), we hit a true record: 179 bubbles created out of 180 trials...


Last Updated (Tuesday, 28 May 2013 17:07)

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