2012 – Flash & Splash strikes back

Newton does not only care about apples! Even cavitation bubbles (i.e. vapour bubbles in a liquid) are subject to the Universal action of the gravitational force.

At least, this is what we demonstrated in our last participation in parabolic flights (2010, see images on the main page). Folowing-up on this discovery, our team was re-invited by the European Space Agency to fly again in May 2012.

The goal of this campaign? We will chase the effect of gravity on the very last instants of the lifetime of cavitation bubbbles, as precisely in those instants lie the 'hidden' physics behind the phenomena responsible for cavitation erosion.

For this purpose, we will record the only sources of information emittted at the last instant of the bubble life: the light it emits due to the extremely high temperature reached (several 1000s of degrees) and the pressure of intense shock waves (a pressure several hundreds of times larger than that of our atmosphere!!)...

Last Updated (Tuesday, 28 May 2013 17:03)

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