Flight Day 3 – Final count down

For the third day in a row our team is waking up before 6 am to arrive ‘on time for the flight’…We are all a bit tired, all the more that yesterday evening we worked until 1 am to finish the flight operation plan for today...In fact, we spent the rest of yesterday analyzing results to determine the experimental parameters to extract ultimate results today (even in the car ride back home all our team-nerds were attached to the movies on their laptops;o): catch shock waves traveling at the sound speed, record movies at 300’000 images per second (as much images per second than there are seconds in 3 days!) measure the temperature of emitted light, all this inside water depressurized at 90 %, i.e. inside water which is 90% close to vacuum!

Today our zero-g-nauts will be Mohamed and Marc, our new team member (Flash-junior) for whom this flight will be a baptism of weightlessness!

Good luck guys (the pilot of the plane is next to them)!

Last Updated (Tuesday, 28 May 2013 17:01)

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