Flight Day 1 – Mission accomplished !

The plane took off right on time, despite the huge strike allover.

When the door closed, we felt a mix of curiosity (will the things work at all?), excitement (Yihuu zero-ggggg!), apprehension (mmmotion sickness??) and a wealth of memories (sensation of zero-g coming up to our minds)…our sensory systems were already full, on top of the Scopolamine dizzyness effects (the medicine recommended against motion sickness;o)

Countdown: 5…3,2,1, injection! And the first parabola was…this weird feeling that your stomach is lifted into your throat and all the sudden your weight is wiped out, everything falls and everything is still, in peace, what a great sensation!!

Good news: the laser is working in 0-g, one of the greatest unknowns so far. Houston, a problem: A strange ghost got into our control computer causing a full computer crash every once in a while…and also caused us lots of agitation to solve the problem. We had to trigger all the experimental components manually, hardly letting us anytime between consecutive parabolas…

But we came back satisfied. Despite the stress and the loss of many parabolas, we were able to record for the first time the gravity-induced bubble deformation and ensuing jet and its disappearance in microgravity, spectacular…and we have much more measurements on our pockets to analyze ;o)

Last Updated (Tuesday, 28 May 2013 17:00)

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